Promise Machimane

Founder & Manager

  • Province:
  • Gauteng
  • Incubator name:
  • Business Name:
  • Mia Training and Projects (Pty) Ltd
  • Business type:      
  • Sanitary Towel Manufacturing Company Corporate Branding 

MIA Training and Projects (Pty) Ltd is a sanitary towel manufacturing company that produces and sells affordable sanitary pads that women use during their menstrual periods. It was founded in 2012 since its inception; MIA has been selling low cost sanitary pads to women of low income group mainly in African community.

The business concept started when founder Mrs. Promise Machimane noticed that women living in poor areas of South Africa still use unhygienic form of sanitary pads during their menstrual periods. After investigations, Promise learned that a large number of the girls repeatedly missed classes, many of them from impoverished families, usually opted to stay at home during their monthly periods or still use the traditional form of menstrual pads because they could not afford the regular sanitary pads manufactured by large consumer goods companies. Then Promise instantly had a light-bulb moment, and decided to explore the possibility of offering low cost, commercially viable sanitary pads. With little money at hand she set out to start and registered MIA sanitary pads for low-income women as a (Pty) Ltd at the CIPC. It turns out that there was a market for this product. To date the company has sold more than 700 000 packets of these pads across Pretoria These low cost sanitary towels are utilized by women in Pretoria and help families make reasonable savings.

MIA mission and vision is to provide women in South Africa and beyond with sanitary pads that offers comfortable experience during their menstrual periods with quality and value for money, return on investment to investors, employees satisfaction and environmentally friendly.

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The company was facing the following challenges:

  • Access to funding  
  • Poor sales and marketing
  • Mentorship and support
  • Inadequate machineries
  • Product quality testing


MIA Training and Projects (Pty) Ltd came to the centre requiring an intervention with regards to securing funding to expand their business by acquiring machineries because they were sourcing their raw materials from outside the country and it was costing them a lot of money via shipping and logistics costs, another intervention they required was creating visibility of their brand in the market place. The company was not generating enough turnover to qualify for funding from   potential funding institutions because to qualify for funding consistent turnover is to be generated by the company i.e.  R 1 million  per annum ,SMTDC  focused on providing  monthly mentoring and coaching  sessions  to improve their sales and marketing strategies thus enabling the company to  increase their brand visibility and in turn generate enough turnover.  In our monthly mentoring and coaching sessions targets and milestones were set to be achieved over a period of 12 months i.e from January to December 2016. SMTDC assisted the company with the printing of their marketing materials that is pull up banners, flyers and promotional items such as t-shirts.


  • Mentorship
  • Inadequate equipment -office and operational machines
  • Poor marketing for the business
  • Lack of business skills such as financial management, business planning,administration and marketing
  • Poor clientele
  • Low turnover
  • Lack of knowledge of the market they are operating in
  • Not profitable enough to be sustainable
  • Access to markets


INTERVENTION/ SOLUTIONThe day the owner of Colnet Holdings (Pty) Ltd Mr. Collen Moruthanyane walked into Smtdc he was assessed in terms of the challenges that he was experiencing in running his business via consultation from the business advisor. The client was offered the following interventions to address some of the challenges he was experiencing:

  • Basic business development and technical training for three months
  • Monthly mentoring and coaching sessions
  • Access to machineries
  • Access to raw materials


SMTDC’s interventions resulted in the following:

  • Attracted more clients
  • Improved turnover

When they started at SMTDC their turnover generated was R40 000,00 by the end of the year it was R 1 million.

  • Improved on their marketing strategy

– They were featured in numerous national publications such Drum Magazine and national radio stations like Metro FM.

  • Brand visibility by improving on their digital footprint through website and social media.
  • Improved financial management
  • New jobs were created from five to seven employees
  • Held a successful national company launch attended by celebrities, government official and businesspeople.
  • They have won an award at the NYDA’s 2nd South African Youth Awards for Entrepreneurship Category held on the 30th March 2017.


SMTDC is a manufacturing Business Incubation Centre established and registered as a legal NPO in 2008.


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